Developing projects and technology

TORRES & MARSHALL ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS completes 20 years in 2016 , and in almost two decades has already acquired 10 complete orbital welding systems, performs fabrication services for sanitary equipment and utilizes diverse state of the art technologies in installations across the entire country of Brazil.. It’s not Just numbers that make T&M a large company, but the commitment to quality and customer service provided by more than 100 competent and qualified team members.

The company was formed in September of 1996, founded by Engineer Fabio Torres, with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, and Ralph Marshall, Who brought from the United States the know-how in automatic GTAW (TIG) welding, known as orbital welding. This technology was Just starting in Brazil, but Mr Marshall had already a vast experience starting in the late 70’s utilizing this technology in the pharmaceutical, food and dairy, cosmetic and semiconductor industries.

T & M’s first orbital welding equipment

In the beginning, T&M possessed only 2 welding systems and a small Field installation team at their first location in Alta da Lapa, São Paulo de São Paulo. Mr Marshall was responsible for the training and qualifications per ASME SecIX of the welders, adapting the new welding process to the local Brazilian conditions, and implanting new philosophies toward welding and standard operating procedures.

The first highlight of T&M happened in 2000 with the installation of all sanitary and process piping at the then new Natura Cosmetics facility located in Cajamar, São Paulo . It was at this moment that T&M started to grow and widen its customer base acquiring new equipment to attend along with the pharmaceutical industry, clients in the cosmetic and Food and dairy sectors.

Upon completing 10 years, T&M turned into a group with the forming of TM Equipamentos, a fabricator of diverse sanitary equipment located in Guarulhos, a suburb of
São Paulo. A short time after, in 2007, a new industry appeared in Brazil: Semiconductors. Once again, thanks to customer demands, T&M headlined in the entire installation of Ultra Pure Water and Ultra Pure Bulk and Specialty Gases piping and distribution systems at the CEITEC facility in the state Rio Grande do Sul.

Now we have 20 years of successful history. Recognized by our quality and commitment, TORRES & MARSHALL ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS seeks to procure long lasting business relationships with our partners and customers, always looking to better our project management skills to attend the market and maintain with excellence our references in our market areas.